Play the Game

You are about to start the game. You will have 90 minutes to present the final verdict: guilty or not guilty. There is no other possibility; if you fail to agree unanimously on the final verdict, the jury that takes your place will make a wrong decision. You are the only people to make a decision that can save an innocent person or convict a criminal. You have just one try to do that.

You can ask for a letter with some information and possible evidence after 30 minutes of discussion. You should open the letter with additional pieces of evidence when you feel that you have discussed the case really thoroughly.

If you are very lucky and all the members of the jury agree on all the points, it is worth trying to play “a devil's advocate”; in other words, you assume a different viewpoint (an opposing one) and ask curious questions that might cast different light on the case. It might help you and your team see the story from a different perspective.

When the final decision is made (please discuss the matter for at least 45 minutes before you conclude the debate), you can proceed by choosing guilty or not guilty in the app. You cannot change the decision once you have made it. There is a video waiting for you that reveals the ending of the story based on your decision.

Enter the password that was given to you to start the session...

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